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  • turnkey lessons

    Each lesson is ready to go right out of the box. Lessons come prepackaged with all the supporting materials and templates minimizing teacher prep time.

    turnkey lessons
  • Built By Teachers

    Every lesson is designed by an actual classroom teacher. They teach at the forefront of educational technology and their experience is reflected in each lesson.

    Built By Teachers
  • Design Bleed

    The designers of the lessons are also the designers of the Expeditions they compliment resulting in a more integrated and streamlined experience.

    Design Bleed
  • standards based

    The lessons address both content and pedagogical standards including the Common Core Anchor Standards, ELA Capacities, ISTE Standards and Habits of Mind.

    standards based
  • Battle Tested

    All content and pedagogical practices have been used with real students to real effect. Lessons are updated regularly to reflect new content and emerging technologies.

    Battle Tested
  • Powered By Google

    Google Apps for Education and other Google tools are infused throughout the lessons boosting collaboration, creativity, sharing and learning.

    Powered By Google
  • student centered

    All lessons place students squarely at the center of their own learning. Many lessons "flip the script" and make students Guides during their Expedition instead of followers.

    student centered
  • Developmental

    Each lesson uses a three part developmental process that helps students scaffold through concepts and content. There are activities before, during and after each Expedition.

  • Collaborative

    Activities spur hyper collaborative learning experiences. In every lesson, students are discussing, sharing, peer reviewing and co-creating.

  • Publishing

    Activities leverage the publishing power of Google Apps for Education to help students proudly publish and share their projects with the world.