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Explore the Culture, History and Beauty of Hawaii

When people hear the name “Hawaii” it conjures up images of a lush volcanic island paradise, filled with tropical life. This life includes not just the fauna and flora, but the people, both local and visiting all of which mixes together to create the unique environment that is the Hawaiian Islands. Home to ten different climatic zones, it’s a place where you can go skiing and surfing in the same day. Its geographic location and rich Polynesian history have also created unique cultural circumstances. In Hawaii, nature and human influence, traditional values and technology and the past and the present are all constantly trying to balance against each other. Using Google Expeditions, a virtual reality-based way to tour 360-degree imagery, we can explore the many different facets of this geographically unique location and diverse society.

  • From the Mountains to the Sea


    Learn how Hawaiians use the resources within their 'ahupua'a, as they practiced aloha (respect), laulima (cooperation), and malama (stewardship) to live pono (balance) with the world around them.

  • Hawaiian Zen


    Visit Byodo-in Temple, the nondenominational shrine located at the base of the Ko'olau Mountains. Byodo-in is home to a golden Buddha, black swans, peacocks and thousands of koi. Come relax and meditate at Byodo-in.

  • Our Beautiful Islands

    Hawaii Nei

    Explore Hawaii's most beautiful spots! Visit active volcanoes and gushing waterfalls. See breathtaking vistas and swim with tropical fish. Or maybe lay out a towel and relax on the beach. E komo mai!

    Hawaii Nei
  • World Wide Voyage


    The Hokule’a sails to revive the art and science of celestial navigation and deep-ocean voyaging, and to show the world that traditional knowledge holds the key to solving some of our Earth’s greatest problems.

  • Unification of the Hawaiian Islands


    Hear the story of Kamehameha the Great and his quest to conquer all of the Hawaiian islands. Relive the Battle of the Red Mouth Guns and stand at the edge of the cliff where 800 enemy soldiers were pushed to their deaths.

  • Home of Pele the Fire Goddess


    Visit Kilauea, the most active volcano in the world and home to Pele the Fire Goddess. Hike down into a volcanic crater, walk on a black sand beach and explore ancient Hawaiian rock carvings.

  • A Hawaiian Fishpond

    Loko Ea

    Visit Loko Ea, a native Hawaiian fishpond on the North Shore of Oahu. Some fishponds have been in operation for 800 years, and are still producing fish, plants, and learning opportunities for visitors and locals alike.

    Loko Ea
  • Pearl Harbor & World War II

    Hawaii at War

    Before December 7th, 1941 Hawaii was a peaceful, sleepy island paradise. After the attack on Pearl Harbor everything changed. Learn about that fateful day and Hawaii's important role during World War II.

    Hawaii at War
  • The Mighty Mo

    USS MIssouri

    All aboard the Mighty Mo the longest serving battleship in the United States Navy! See where a kamikaze pilot crashed into her deck and where the Japanese Empire surrendered to end World War II.

    USS MIssouri
  • Pearl Harbor Avenger


    Launched a year after the December 7th, 1941 attack, the "Pearl Harbor Avenger" sunk 44 enemy ships over 9 patrols. Learn what life was like for the brave sailors aboard the USS Bowfin.

  • Ready to visit Hawaii?

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Expeditions in the Classroom

More than just a virtual field trip!

Want to take the class to Machu Pichu? How about the Great Wall? International Space Station maybe? With Google Expeditions and Cardboard you can! Expeditions brings global field trips to your students and allows them to enjoy all the beauty, excitement and mystery our world has to offer. New to Google Expeditions and Cardboard? Click to learn more!



Expeditions create amazing opportunities for students to dive deeper into content. The Janus Group has developed a set of teaching materials to help students get the most out of their Expeditions experience. The lessons below are collaborative, student-centered, standards-based and designed by teachers for teachers. Click to learn more about how they were crafted!




From the Mountains to the Sea

Hawaiians have long known the key to sustainability is a balance between nature and man. Life was based around the ahupua‘a system of land management, which evolved to protect the upland water resources that sustained human life.

In this lesson students will learn about the ahupua’a system and make connections to their present day lives. They will also use Google Earth imagery and Google Drawings to design their own ahupua’a.

Subjects: Science & Social Studies      Grades: 5 & Up

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Kamehameha the Great

Unification of the Hawaiian Islands

King Kamehameha was a warrior, a diplomat and a leader who conquered most of the Hawaiian islands and unified them into the Kingdom of Hawaii. His impact on Hawaiian culture and life is still felt today.

In this lesson, students take the lead as Expedition Guides to research key events of the unification and Kamehameha’s life. Finally, students will demonstrate their understanding by mapping the events using Google Tour Builder.

Subjects: Social Studies & History    Grades: 5 & Up

download lesson            see student work


Letters Home

The USS Bowfin was launched exactly one year after the attacks on December 7th, 1941 earning her the nickname the Pearl Harbor Avenger. She would go on to complete 9 patrols and sink 44 ships.

During this lesson students will learn what life was like aboard the World War II submarine. Then they will take on the role of a sailor aboard the Bowfin and write letters home to loved ones telling them about the ups and downs of their life at sea.

Subjects: ELA, Social Studies & History  Grades: 5 & Up

download lesson               see student work

Hawaii at War

Pearl Harbor & World War II

On December 7th, 1941 the attack on Pearl Harbor catapulted the United States into World War II. The Japanese attack sunk 4 battle ships, damaged or destroyed more than 350 aircraft and killed more than 2,400 people. Hawaii would continue to serve a pivotal role throughout the war.

This lesson will help students get a better understanding of what happened during the attack. They will then collaborate to create an interactive Google My Map showing the key events of that day.

Subject: Social Studies & History   Grades: 8 & Up

download lesson             see student work

Loko i'a

Hawaiian Fishpond


These fishponds are considered some of the earliest and most sophisticated forms of aquaculture – found nowhere else in the world – and are part of the rich history of Hawaiian science and technology that is still evolving today.

During this lesson students will learn about all the different kinds of fishponds and how they function. They will use their understanding to design their own functioning fishpond and craft a proposal to have it built.

Subjects: Social Studies, ELA, Science   Grades: 4 & Up


mahalo nui loa!

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